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A day of simple obervation...

I spent about four hours yesterday watching a live streaming of the Long March, which was being put onto the Internet by Real Rukshan, who lugged a tonne of camera gear and gimble around all day, and marched along with the protestors.


Rukshan is what is called Independent Media in these salty times. He appears to have no agenda other than to question the things mainstream media does not question, and offers un-edited, first-hand, live-stream footage of what’s been going on in Melbourne.


And he is hugely popular. A huge number of the protestors knew him, and thanked him for his work, and called him a legend. His live-stream was being watched by 70,000 people. Channel Seven had 7000 people watching its feed.


I watched the feed and I saw many things. Interesting things which I would share with you.


I do believe most of the crowd did consist of construction workers. Were there non-tradies among them? Sure. Right-wing idiots, bogan Qarens, dumb molls, and even dumber hard-core Fascists. But most of them were legit tradies – boots and all.


There is genuine fear and genuine loathing among them. They fear for their jobs, they fear the jab being made compulsory, they fear and loathe the government and the cops, and they loathe the mainstream media.


Which sounds like much of Australia, I’m thinking.


Do they have a legitimate reason to march? Who is to judge that? Yes, there is a pandemic, so large gatherings are problematical. But people are frustrated and scared – and people who are like that tend to lash out.


Their – hell, our – fear and frustration can be laid squarely and entirely at the feet of our rulers – both State and Federal.


They have botched the vaccination rollout, the ever so crucial messaging, and the quarantine. That is obvious on every level and to every sentient being.


And the mainstream media has just played along with it, and deserves to be tied to a stake and burned as a witch.


All of that I noted as I watched the protesters marching. And I saw other things, as well.


One bloke was carrying a big wooden pole. A small number of blokes were drinking small amounts of piss (you can’t drink huge amounts of piss and walk 20km). One bloke was picking up empty cans other blokes had dropped. There were lots of “Fuck Dan Andrews!” “Fuck the jab!” and “Every Day!” chants.


One bloke told the Rukshan he was “Za Dom Spremni!” – which is a Croatian Nazi-Ustasha war cry from WWII, and means one is ready to do the Fatherland’s bidding. Surprising? A little, but then the head of the CFMEU is a Croat, and many of his shop stewards are hard-core Ustasha supporters who attend CFMEU meetings with stickers of Croat SS Divisions on their utes.


Five other blokes, obviously Serbs, told Rukshan that Kosovo was the heart of Serbia.


Another bloke explained he was here for the kids.


So were there nutbags there? Of course. Such is the nature of protests.


But you know what? I did not see any protestor vandalising shops, smashing cars, or inciting violence. They were not arming themselves as they marched.


When the march was confronted by walls of cops, it moved in another direction. And this went on and on through the streets of Melbourne, before finally heading up to the Westgate bridge for a sing-along. Traffic was stopped. Some people got the shits. Others tooted their horns in support. One bloke on a bike chucked huge wheelie down the blocked and deserted freeway.


Shit got salty because the police were once again the instigators of violence. Understand that the cops want the confrontation. They want to end the protest – because the disruption to Melbourne’s CBD must end, and the best way to end it is to force a confrontation with the protestors, who would otherwise do one of two things – get tired and bored and go home, or start smashing shit up and burning stuff.


In this instance, I saw the protestors make every effort to avoid confronting the police, until the decision was made for them, and things got salty.


It’s how the cops now work in Australia. You are expected to instantly comply with every directive they issue or face violence. De-escalation is no longer an option with our police.


And what has come after the march is more interesting than the march itself.


Shit will, of course, settle down, because Australians do not truly have the strength of their convictions, and we don’t have it bad enough here to be building barricades and getting the pitchforks out.


If we truly wanted change, the burning, looting, and craziness would go on for weeks, 24/7. There would be dead bodies. There would be a revolution. But we don’t really want that. We just think we do.


Nonetheless, there’s been a lot of foaming and moaning and eeping over yesterday’s hi-viz protest march in Melbourne.


The whining is coming from two main sources. As it always does.


First, the media is affronted and outraged. I watched one of those execrable morning shows while addressing my gym’s squat rack this morning, and it made me happy. I lifted with joy in my heart.


The tired ex-stripper and slim-suited she-cuck who host the show tut-tutted like Karen-class bitches above a tagline that read PROTESTORS TARGET MEDIA. Then I saw footage of one reporter having his microphone thrown away, while another one was hit in the head with a can of drink, showered in piss, and then manhandled some.


It was great. Seriously. The protestors quite rightly do not like the mainstream media. I do not like the mainstream media. The mainstream media is a huge part of why we are where we are and how we are.


Mainstream media is manifestly shit at its job, which is to report events without bias, embellishment, or editorial comment, and to hold the government and its agencies to account.


The mainstream media doesn’t do that, preferring instead to cheer on the police as its officers commit crimes, generate fear in the community by using emotive words when reporting events, and act as a propaganda arm for government – both State and Federal – which do nothing but demonstrate incompetence, corruption, and fail on a scale so epic it cannot even be satirised anymore.


So it’s kinda nice when you see their apparatchiks being abused and soaked in piss. Makes me feel good about things.


The second lot of whining, spiced up with threats of dire retribution – which is de rigeur for the cops when addressing the serfs they have to keep in check – was straight out of the mouth of Darth Fascist, Victoria’s black-clad Schweinfuhrer.

Instead of being a dispassionate professional in his follow-up address to the media, Darth Fascist chose to walk the path of threat and hyperbole. He accused the protesters of cowardice and threatened to hunt them down. Presumably like stray dogs. Or maybe elk.


He did not comment on the bravery displayed by his own riot squad as it turned and ran from the protestors. Or drove, actually. The heroic beaters of pensioners and pepper-sprayers of old women could not turn their cars around fast enough when the hi-vizzers came at them.


In another country they would have been pulled from their expensive vehicles and torn limb from limb. But this is Australia. We do not do that to our police. The cops still shit themselves, though. Hot urine splashed the insides of those luxury European sedans, and I have no doubt the occupants inside were wall-eyed with terror.


So now they know how we feel when they brutalise and mistreat us.


Were the protestors cowardly? Hard to say. The cops were certainly outnumbered, but the protestors were not armed. Confronting heavily armed cops when you’re not armed the same way is not cowardice where I come from.


The issue here is being somewhat obfuscated by the media the government. It is arse-covering at its finest.


People who are against what they see as mandatory vaccination feel that way because the government fucked up the messaging from the very beginning. And it keeps fucking it up, like a lunatic with shit in his pants who wants to wrestle you in the pub carpark.


The government is incompetent. It is not malicious, because it is not smart enough to be malicious. If it was truly malicious,  the message about vaccination, lockdown, and so on, would always be the same.


But the message changes all the time. I genuinely don’t know what I’m allowed to do, vaxed, unvaxxed, and from one day to the next.


They’re kinda making it up as they go along. So it is simple incompetence and ineptitude.


So now we flavour that incompetence with arrogance, and salt it with reliance on the police to supress any protests, and we have what we have.


But never mind – we shall soon be engaged in a conflict with China, which is going to make all of this shit look like a pre-Plague picnic. If you think the government fucked up the Plague, just watch it fuck up an arms race.

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