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Hear that?


It’s that big ol’ dog whistle that’s deployed each time you need to “understand” something.


It’s blown every time something big is happening, and we turn and look at each other, blinking in confusion, unable to make head or tail of the shitfuckery we behold.


So before you start digging and asking questions and demanding answers, the dog whistle is blown, all our ears perk up, and things are explained to us so that we then know how we are meant to “think” about a thing.


You’ve heard the whistle before.


You heard it when the USA staged the Gulf of Tonkin incident to justify its Vietnam operations, and allegedly halt the spread of Communism via dominos.


You heard it during the Balkan wars so you’d feel righteous about the USA bombing and killing civilians with prohibited munitions like cluster bombs and depleted uranium rounds. That was called a “Humanitarian Intervention” and went ahead despite no UN Security Council Resolution to give it a semblance of legality and legitimacy.


You heard it when the USA lied about Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction, attacked Iraq, destabilised the Middle East for the last 20 years, and caused the rise of ISIS.


You heard it in Afghanistan – a country we attacked for reasons no-one quite understands, but it had to do with killing someone the USA said did some bad stuff, building schools, and freeing persecuted women.


And you’re hearing it now, as Russia starts punching the Ukraine in the face, and you need to “right-think” this shitfight. You need to get your mind right.


You need to have the good guys and the bad guys defined for you. Because you don’t know. And you don’t know because you don’t care.


You need to understand that Putin is a bloodthirsty maniac intent on destroying the world order, conquering Europe, and re-establishing the Communist-Fascist Russian USSR Empire.


You need to be clear on the presented narrative that the Ukrainians are entirely innocent of any wrong-doing, and that Russian aggression is, somehow, happening in a vacuum.


The media is already asking and answering the Big Questions on your behalf.


“What does Putin want? it shrieks”.


Well, he’s told you. He’s been telling you for the last 20 years what he wants.


But that’s not what he really wants, you’re being told. His concerns are not legitimate. His issues have no basis in fact. He’s evil. And crazy. And Russian. And fuck him, we all “Stand With The Ukraine!” You can see how We Stand With the Ukraine by the yellow-and-blue paint on our faces, and our angry signs! Watch us stand!


Fuck off, idiots. You stand with the Ukraine when you go there, pick up a gun, and start shooting at the Russians. That’s Standing With The Ukraine.


That aside, why are Putin’s concerns illegitimate? Oh…you don’t know what they are? Wait…you do know what they are? So, what are they?


Would you like some help with that?


You’re going to have to focus. I have to go back in time a little bit. I may have to use some confusing terms, like “self-determination”. I’m sure you’ve heard them before, but I’m also pretty sure you don’t know what they mean.


I am gonna simplify some of this shit for you. I understand many of you have small attention spans, think history is bullshit, don’t understand how wogs think or what’s important to them, and are perfectly happy to accept the bullshit you’re being fed as the One Truth.


And I will post some links if you wish to read further.


In 1989, the Berlin Wall fell. Two years later, The Soviet Union also dissolved – into its constituent parts, and regions which had never been countries became countries overnight.


Promises were made. Russia, which was the inheritor of the nuclear arsenal the Soviets had amassed during the Cold War, was still a force to be reckoned with. The US President at the time Was George Bush Snr. The previous President, the one who insisted that Gorbachev (the Russian President) “Tear down this wall”, was Ronald Reagan.


Ronny used to be a Hollywood cowboy. George used to run the CIA. They also ran NATO – the military alliance created to stop the Soviet Union from taking all of Europe.


And NATO will always tell everyone who will listen that it is a purely defensive alliance. But I would encourage you to ask the Serbs about that. NATO’s savage 78-day bombing of the civilian population was not remotely defensive. And why did it bomb the civilian population? Well, it kinda ran out of military stuff to bomb after the first few days – the Serbs had moved most of their gear into underground bunkers built to resist nuclear attacks – so it just started targeting all sorts of things…um, in the name of Humanity, remember?


Here, see for yourself…


Russia saw this. It took notes. Those notes probably said: “NATO is full of shit and tells lies, just like the USA and Britain. It said it will not advance a single inch further east to our borders, and yet here it is. On our borders. What the fuck? We’re not even doing anything. Our president, Yeltsin, is a crazy drunk. The world is laughing at us.”


Yeltsin went. Putin came.


Is he a nice man? Fuck no. Is he a crazy man? Fuck no, too. Is he a smart man? Fuck to the yes.


So the big question here is this one: Is Vlad someone you think you might wanna fuck with? You, yes, you, Zelenskyy. You wanna fuck with Vlad? Oh…you do, huh?


Well, you have been fucking with him for a while, huh?


And now you’re sitting in a Kiev basement recording goodbye videos on your phone.


How did we get there, mate? What went wrong?


Was it when the US funnelled some five billion dollars into the Ukraine to “build democracy” or was it when it decided the Ukraine was its special little buddy?


Or was it when the neo-Nazis with the aid of the USA toppled the democratically-elected government – awkwardly pro-Russian as it was, because what business does a US-funded pseudo-state have being pro anything except pro-American, right?


What neo-Nazis? That’s just another Putin lie!


Well, there are these neo-Nazis…


And then there’s your national hero, ol’ Stepan Bandera. He was a Nazi when it was convenient, but he mainly hated Jews…


But let’s put that to one side for a sec, shall we?

Let’s focus on those two pesky breakaway republics, Donetsk and Luhansk, and have a brief look at Crimea – whose water-supply you cut off in 2014, and which has just now been restored by the Russian troops busily demilitarising the stuff above the basement you’re hiding in.


So there’s this whole “self-determination” thing that’s always been used selectively by the USA and its friends. When it suits them, it applies this principle. When it doesn’t suit them, it doesn’t.


So what is it? Basically this:

“Self-determination denotes the legal right of people to decide their own destiny in the international order. Self-determination is a core principle of international law, arising from customary international law, but also recognized as a general principle of law, and enshrined in a number of international treaties.”


So the Muslims in Bosnia can be their own country, but the Serbs in Bosnia cannot join Serbia, but have to remain a part of the bizarre entity created by the EU.


Likewise, the Albanians in Kosovo can be a new country, but the Serbs who have lived there for centuries, and now live under guard in barbed-wire enclaves, cannot join Serbia, or form their own country. No self-determination for you.


So in Donetsk and Luhansk – which we shall call the Donbas region (short for Donetsk Basin) – decided they did not wish to live in a new country called the Ukraine after it toppled its elected government with US money.


They were spurned on in this choice by the brutal repression immediately turned upon them – Hell, if you’re gonna cut off the water to the Russians in the Crimea, carpet-bombing the Russian villages in the Donbas is nothing, right?


The Russian language was forbidden. It was all now Ukrainian. Just like the Serbs in Kosovo, Russians suddenly became second-class citizens in their own country.


And Russians being Russians, took up arms and fought back. And you have to understand this about Russians and Slavs in general. They do not go to war lightly.


They are not us. We fight our wars on other peoples’ lands and in distant countries. They have always fought theirs on their land.


So did Vlad support these “separatists”? Of course he did.


Why would he not? For eight long years the Ukrainian army and the Russian separatists have fought a bloody and brutal war. The civilians who have died have been almost all Russian civilians. Not Ukrainian. There are virtually no Ukrainians in that region of the Ukraine.


The horrors perpetrated upon the civilian population in the Donbas region are vile. We have not seen them, because no-one cares what Russia’s concerns are. They have always been ignored. So you haven’t been shown anything the Ukrainian army has been doing in the Donbas. You could have found out, but you would have had to look. And you didn’t give enough of a fuck to look, and who can blame you?


The West is always saying: “There is no evidence” and therefore the Russians are lying. Really? Why are they lying? Why are you, the West, not lying? Why should we believe you and not the Russians? Oh, that’s right. You’re the good guys. The Russians are the bad guys. Always have been, right?


Russians always lie. They have lied about NATO encircling them. They have lied about Russian casualties and persecution in the Donbas. They have lied about Nazis playing a serious role in the Ukraine. They have lied about everything all the time.


Only the USA and the USA-installed government in Kiev has not lied about anything.


That’s what you’re being told. That’s what you repeat to your friends. And thus, that’s what makes it true.


Problem is, it’s not true.


The first casualty of war is the truth.


Indeed, the first casualty of all the shit that leads up to war is the truth.


Personally, I think war is appalling. But I also think the hypocrisy and arrogance which leads to war is much worse.


Zelenskyy is hiding in a basement and his military is being dismantled precisely because of this hypocrisy and arrogance.


Vlad told you. Vlad told us all. Over and over and over. And we didn’t listen and we didn’t care. We ignored his issues, and dismissed his legitimate concerns.


Though why anyone would dismiss the concerns of a leader whose country lost 26 million people fighting the Nazis is lost on me.


And now we can all make little signs and paint our faces and Stand With The Ukraine from anywhere that is not the Ukraine, while the USA and NATO move troops into Poland and Germany and Lithuania, and everywhere they dare – except the Ukraine – as if they want us to believe Vlad is going to invade Poland like Adolf did.


They actually do want us to believe that. They want us to believe that while they prepare to defend the Ukraine down to the last Ukrainian.


Surely, that dog whistle is not that loud, is it?

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