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I shit thee not...

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. Given the depth of dumb anger out there as the Plague still showers us with its manifold blessings, it was bound to happen.


A picture has emerged, and I’m thinking it was either from the USA or Canada, but it might well have been taken in Canberra recently, of a young bearded fellow in a floral shirt, who had sewn a yellow Star of David onto that shirt. Inside that Star of David, in a script designed to replicate Hebrew, were the words “UN VAX”.

Like a few other people, I posted the picture on my timeline, and said that should I see a person wearing such a thing, I would have discussions with that person.


And thought no more of it. Like, this was just another idiot in a sizeable log-jam of idiots who view the vaccine thing as some kind of crime against their humanity, and have taken it upon themselves to protest against what they see as mandatory vaccination with various levels of anger, hatred, and violence – none of which are angry, hateful, or violent enough to cause any government anywhere to accede to their demands. And entirely misplaced, since the vaccine is not mandatory.

Their demands, as far as I can make them, out, are as follows:


Freedom. The sacking of the government. No vaccine mandates. No lockdowns. My body my choice. Observations that the cops work for them. Jesus. No vaccines for children. Free camping wherever they want to camp. The right to belong to a family or a tribe of their choice. And the government is to stop putting hidden cameras in trees and using acoustic weapons to give them all sunburn.


All of which is fine and dandy. And off you go, and have a great time. I totally support the right to protest. I’m just wired a little differently, in that I feel if one is going to protest, and one truly has the strength of one’s convictions, then unless there are flames and a high body count, it’s not really a protest. Because nothing has ever been achieved unless the survivors are standing in blood to their knees and everyone’s ears are ringing.


But I do very much understand a lot of people are angry about a lot of things – all of which can be linked to the Plague and the way the governments, both State and Federal, have managed it all.


All of that I understand. What I do not understand is how some entitled cock-sore thinks it’s OK to sew a yellow Star of David onto his chest as a way of expressing his anger at the government.


My not understanding is then further compounded by the support such an act garnered from people on my timeline.


Sure, the vast majority felt the bloke with the star should be turned into fertiliser, but a few felt what he had sewn onto his shirt was somehow appropriate.


I’m still blinking in disbelief at that.

Surely people could not be ignorant of the Holocaust? An event which saw some six million Jews systematically murdered by the Nazis during WWII?


The Jewish Badge came into being from 1938 in the camps, but on September 1941, Reinhard Heydrich decreed that all Jews over the age of six were to wear the yellow Jewish Badge on their outer clothing at all times when out in public.

It was a key element in the bestial persecution and planned annihilation of the Jewish people by the Nazis. It was used to stigmatise and humiliate the Jews, as well as to segregate them, identify them, and control their movements, prior to herding them all onto cattle cars and gassing them.


And this…this…feckless, brainless shit-thing, and the brainless fucks who started trumpeting their support for his display have somehow found, in their damaged brains, an equivalence between victims of the Holocaust and people who don’t want to get vaccinated.


Allow me to share some of their supportive justifications (spelling and grammatical errors included)…


“Pretty appropriate in Western Australia at the moment. Self confessed emperor McGowan has created a 2 tier society.”




“Never in my life would I have thought id see so many (clown emoji)’s defending politicians and their complete over reach of power …. I know of people that have lost everything, businesses, jobs, family. Couldn’t say goodbye to dying loved ones. Refused urgent medical treatment because they lived on the wrong side of an imaginary border, etc . And half these (clown emoji)’s would call them “selfish” because they are standing up voicing their opinions against the government that’s fked their lives .. Boot lickers”


I guess when the voicing of that opinion means comparing what an anti-vaxxer is going through with what a Jew in Nazi Germany went through, then I think that opinion is shit, just like the person voicing it.


When it was stated that putting on the Jewish Badge because someone had been inconvenienced with vaccines, etc, there was a predictable response to that as well…

“So losing your business, home and work is a mild inconvenience?”

Compared to a systemic genocide, I would say yes.


There is and can be no equivalence between the Holocaust and what is happening in Australia and elsewhere.


Certainly, the Plague and the vaccinations and the lockdowns and the job-losses have been awful, and very hard for a cossetted, comfortable society like ours to deal with.


How the fuck is this remotely the same as being loaded onto a train at gunpoint, freighted to an extermination camp, stripped naked, arbitrarily selected for instant extermination, and forced into a gas chamber? And all because the state has decreed you to be a subhuman, and decided that your race must be wiped out.


The fuck is wrong with a person who sees an equivalence to this here in Australia?


Was there no other way of making your point? Is it not enough that you can proudly wear a T-shirt proclaiming “Pureblood” (presumably yours) to the world?


Is that not eugenically wondrous enough for you?


There were other Nazi-era badges to choose from, champions.


One would have thought that since the anti-vaxxers are essentially upset with the political system, they could have picked the red inverted triangle the Nazis used to identify political prisoners in the camps. Or maybe the black inverted triangle, used to identify asocial people, nonconformists, and vagrants.


Appropriating one of the vilest symbols ever inflicted on a human being, as some kind of “message” that you hate the government and don’t want the filthy jab, is beyond wrong.


It displays a level of stupidity and arrogance that can only be dealt with in a dark alley, with an iron pipe, a savage dog, and no witnesses. It would be a salutary lesson to the cunt wearing such a badge about what the Jews went through when they sewed it onto their clothes.


That some of these people have chosen to appropriate the Jewish Badge in what they dumbly see as their struggle for freedom, a freedom they never had to begin with, is disgusting, nauseating, and shameful.


And it is even more shameful that we tolerate this.

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