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Seriously. What will it take?

We need to come to terms about ourselves as a nation and a people. And then we need to bow our heads in shame, because we are a disgusting lot of cruel, self-obsessed, racists.


We are not now and we never have been a great nation. We are a small and small-minded people who lie to ourselves about how beaut we are. How easy-going we are. How we are great larrikins, but bursting with fair-mindedness and governed by a unique genetic imperative to give everyone a fair go.


In reality, we are nothing but a dumb-as-fuck cabal of utter cunts.


A society is measured and weighed according to how it treats its most vulnerable members. It’s not our standard of living. It’s not how well we play football. It’s not even how law-abiding and compliant we are (and we sure are that).


It’s all about how we treat our old people. Our homeless. Our disenfranchised. Our handicapped, Our refugees. Our prisoners. And our indigenous people.


And here’s where we should just kick out our campfires, load our wagons, shoot our dogs, fuck off into the sea, and pray – as the cold water closes over our heads – that the next lot of humans who come to occupy this land will be better than we were.


They could hardly be worse.


Right now, the small town of Wilcannia, in outback NSW, is in a lot of trouble. You maybe heard of it on the news. Or maybe not.


About 600 people live in Wilcannia. Most of them are aborigines. You remember them, right? They were here before the English arrived. But when the English did arrive, they set about killing them, enslaving them, trying to make them English, and then shrugging and pretending the crimes they committed either didn’t happen, or weren’t actually crimes because whatever they did to the indigenous people was done for their own good.


This is, after all, what we were taught in our schools up until very recently – and even now, no-one wants to delve too deeply into what has been done to Australia’s natives – and what, indeed, continues to be done.


I can offer you a fuck-tonne of examples of what utter shitwads we are to our First People. The hundreds who have been killed by the police or died while in custody. The thousands who languish in our jails, in numbers hugely disproportionate to the percentage of the Australian population they actually make up. Or the vast majority of them who live in Third World conditions in one of the wealthiest nations on earth.


Far too many Australians still hold the vile, paternalistic, and colonial view that we’re not responsible for how the native people are and how they live. Somehow, it’s up to them to get their shit together after all the money that’s been thrown at them over the years.


Fuck off, if you think that. Seriously. Just fuck off. The way the aborigines are and the dire straits they find themselves in is directly attributable to us. We are responsible for them because we have brought them to this.


And that is not all in the past. It is happening right fucken now in Wilcannia. And what is happening there will certainly spread to other remote communities.


Because we do not give a shit. And because we do not give a shit, those wretched sub-human disasters we elected to govern us do not give a shit either.


Not content with destroying the water Wilcannia once relied upon to drink, there’s now some fake hand-wringing going on because 10 per cent of the town has contracted The Plague.


Nothing other than hand-wringing is going on. And some tutt-tutting. Oh, and a shitload of blaming the people in Wilcannia for somehow being responsible for contracting the Plague.


That triumvirate of self-entitled fuck-effluent – Berejiklian, Barilaro, and Hazzard – were warned 18-months ago there would be a health disaster in remote communities like Wilcannia. They were told.


They have no excuse for what is happening. None. Of course, ol’ Uncle Fumblepants Hazzard, and Bruz Pork-Barrel Barilaro have made an effort to blame the locals for holding a funeral during lockdown, and thus spreading the Plague.


This was a lie, but they stated it anyway. There was no lockdown in effect when the funeral was held. The locals did nothing wrong – and even the local cops agreed with that.


Did that stop the arrogant government cunts from apportioning blame? Nope. Hell, it’s not like they would accept any responsibility for a town that has more Covid cases per capita than India.


Just like that smirking supercunt, Scummo, the po-faced refusal to accept any responsibility for the criminal mismanagement of the Plague – ineffective lockdowns, lack of vaccine, slow-as-shit testing, bullshit hotel quarantine, insufficient hospital resourcing, and so on – is simply typical of the scum we’ve elected.


We did this. We did this to Wilcannia. Just as we have done every single bad, dumb, vile thing that has ever beset this stupid country.


We elected these cunts. We support the media that enables them and empowers them. We hold neither party to account. We have our own damn problems, right? The fucking nail salons and pubs are fucking closed!


The fact that the people in Wilcannia are two hours from the nearest hospital in Broken Hill and are drowning in Plague is not our problem, right? If they don’t like it there, then they should, you know, move somewhere else, right? No-one’s making them live there in that shithole, aye?


Can you see the problem here? Are you starting to grasp what a shameful lot of vacuous racists we actually are?


And while you sleep fitfully at night convinced the government is fucking you like a lube-filled, boarding-school sock, rest assured that same government is using its diseased horse-cock to dry-fuck these poor people in ways you cannot even comprehend.


No-one gives a fuck. No-one ever has. No-one ever will.


I am ashamed.


Jordan Shanks of FriendlyJordies has been on top of this for a while. Check it out HERE.


And if you want to help, maybe have a look HERE.


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