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This is why I do not test dirt gloves. I can’t.


So, here’s the thing. It’s all well and good giving me dirty things, but I will only break them in the process of breaking myself. This is what I have been telling Ray from Made In Germany for ages.

“No,”I say to him. “Do not give me dirt gloves to review for I do not ride dirt bikes at all well, and all I will do is crash and hurt myself and then hate you for putting me in this position by giving me gloves I am forced to review in the arena they were meant to be reviewed in.”

But Aaron, on the other hand, actually races motocross. He is precisely the type of person who can review dirt gloves. So Ray gave him a set.

“Wow,”said Aaron, who is new to this whole ‘Have some gear’ thing. “Free gloves.”

“No, bastard,”I said to him. “There is no such thing as free anything on this earth. These gloves will cost you a review. You are to use them and then tell me honestly what you think.”

“But if think they’re shit, that will piss Ray off.”

“If you genuinely think they’re shit and you can explain why, then Ray will only thank you for pointing this out. He will advise the Held people and they will address the issue.”

“But motorcycle magazines and media always say stuff is great and when I buy it, it turns out to be shit.”

“That is not what I, and now you, do. We do not lie to people. Ever. If it’s shit, say it is shit and justify your position.”

And off he went…


Aaron, on the other hand…

As with all motorcycle gear, there’s good stuff and there’s great stuff, and motocross gloves are no different.

I’m particular about the bitch-mittens I wear, because for as long as I’ve been racing motocross, I’ve suffered from arm-pump and blisters. While there is no glove in existence that will prevent arm-pump, a glove that is unnecessarily bulky or restrictive will assist in creating this issue, along with some blisters. Sure, sizing is a huge part of this, but even if the sizing is correct, the make and material play an equal part in the equation.

On race day, I’m that bloke in the pits taping his hands before the ride, and on my bike, I run the neoprene rubber doughnuts on the inside of my grips. Usually, by the end of the day, the blisters on the top side of my thumb-knuckle are weeping and stinging.

That there could be a glove that somehow prevented this, was like some kind of dream I have now and then.

Then I got these.

A glove containing much dirty goodness.

You can tell the glove is quality, with a Chamude synthetic leather palm, and a spandex and mesh fabric back. It also has silicone-printed palms, air vents in the fingers, and Velcro cuff adjusters.

And how often do you see a motocross glove with knuckle protection? Granted the knuckle protection makes it appear bulky for a dirt glove, but when wearing them, they don’t feel bulky at all.

Maybe with the built-in knuckle protection you can finally un-bolt those hand guards, as you no longer need to fear roost? Just a thought…

The inside of the glove features an unlined palm to reduce the bulk, while the upper-hand is lined with Coolmax, designed to take moisture away from the skin.

I tested the Held Backflip gloves on a brand new WR450F with stock grips and no doughnuts. I spent roughly three hours in the bush trail riding, no issue.

After some time on the trails, I then spent two hours on a rough sand motocross track. This is punishment enough on a bike with soft grips and doughnuts, let alone the WR with stock grips and no doughnuts.

From the top…


And the business side…

The Held Backflip gloves? Well I knew they were good, because earlier that morning I was thinking to myself “Hmmm, brand new gloves and I have such great feeling”.

I wondered if this was an indication they were too thin in the palm and wouldn’t offer great protection as they wore in.

But on the sand these gloves were great. Better than great. This was the first time I was able to ride for so long with no blisters. None!

I was genuinely surprised, knowing I always get them, usually after two 20-minute motos, I start feeling the stinging inside my gloves.

But today, on a rough and gnarly track, no tape, no doughnuts and stock grips, nothing; no stinging, no blisters.

If you’re after a motocross or enduro glove that offers great protection, and at the same time gives you great feeling, have a serious look at the Held Backflip gloves.

And for you enduro riders, they come with a nifty little visor/goggle wipe on the left-hand index finger, to wipe moisture away on wet days.

A truly great glove that I’ll be wearing all the time.

Check them out HERE.


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