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How's that hate going?

The tsunami of hate leveled at Putin, Russia, and Russians since the attack on the Ukraine is staggering.


It’s actually unhinged. And if you’re buying into it, then you’re the reason we cannot have nice things – and will never have nice things.


The approved narrative is as follows…


The attack on the Ukraine was unprovoked.


Putin is actually Hitler and he’s insane, and he’s bent on creating a Greater Russia and reviving the Soviet Union.


Russia is specifically targeting civilians.


Russia’s advance has stalled thanks to the brave and heroic resistance of the Ukrainian forces.


Russia is suffering catastrophic losses, its soldiers are crying and wanting to go home, and they didn’t know they were going into the Ukraine.


Russia’s attack on the Ukraine is an attack on Europe, democracy, freedom, children, puppies, butterflies, and rainbows.


There’s a whole bunch of other stuff, but at the moment – and this is Day Eight of Russia’s attack – the above seems to be the main points the media is feeding you with eye-crossing regularity.


The last time I saw something like this was when the USA et al, felt the Serbs should be “brought to heel” and bombed them for 78 days (in an entirely humanitarian way), while the world cheered and applauded as that little narrative was managed for us all.


As I mentioned before, truth is the first casualty of war. Surely you understand that? Look, I know it’s not easy for some people to take off their infectious-diseases-expert hat, and replace it with their battle-strategies-and-tactics-expert hat, but you certainly must know that almost all of what you’re being told is good old war-time propaganda.


The Russians engage in in too. Of course they do. Everyone engages in extra-special propaganda when the bullets start flying.


What is happening in the Ukraine is awful. No-one can state otherwise. Did I think it was going to happen? Yes. But not when it actually did happen. I didn’t think Putin would go in when he did. I was wrong. He went in. I guess he knew more about the timing of this thing than I did.


So where do I get my information from? Lots of places. My godson, Mischa Zelinsky (no relation to the leader of the Ukraine) is a Fulbright scholar, and is, last time we spoke, in Lvov. He was in Kiev, but he left for obvious reasons. He is writing about what he sees and hears and it’s being published in the Financial Review.


I also read and watch sources which might not be available to many of you, because I’m fortunate enough to speak a bunch of languages.


Is my truth truer than yours? Maybe not. Both sides lie. So the truth lies somewhere in the middle, I figure. And I am sympathetic to the Russian cause, and I despise and loathe NATO and America Foreign Policy with all of my being.


I’m getting that way about that screeching bitch-slut from the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, who seems to think she is Queen of the World, rather than an unelected German bureaucrat who first questioned the validity and efficacy of Plague vaccines, before sniffing the wind, then changing her position and advocating they become mandatory.


And not everyone in the European Commission is happy with her anti-Russian screeching, which is truly next-level shit.


So that’s where I am coming from. Does that colour my take on what’s happening? Maybe. But not as much as you’d think. And certainly much less than the anti-Russian hysteria so many are embracing.


You see, I follow what’s going on in the world very closely. And I have been doing so for a few decades now. I may have a contextual take on this many of you don’t have. I have not been programmed to automatically hate Russians. Though I despise the Soviet Union more than all of you combined.


They, Russia and the Soviet Union, are not the same thing.


And I have a heap of historical information and background in this game, that goes along with my Serbian cousins which NATO killed in the 90s, along with the fact my maternal grandmother, Vera, was born just outside Kiev, and ran away when the communists started their pogroms.


So I’d ask you to take that into consideration when you read my view on this.


Now let’s address the narrative you’re being fed, shall we?


See if we can’t shed some light on the honking, hooting, and hollering that drowns out any reasoned discourse on what is certainly a world-changing event.


And we so fucken need reasoned discourse.


Right. Let’s look at the first assertion…


The attack on the Ukraine was unprovoked.


This is manifestly and demonstrably untrue. Russia has been engaged in a low-level conflict with the Ukraine since it re-asserted Russian control over the Crimea in 2014.


And it did not “invade’ Crimea. Russian soldiers were in Crimea from the beginning. Russia was leasing its bases there from the Ukraine.


But it seized control of Crimea because the USA had funded and pushed through a coup which overturned the elected Ukrainian president, Yanukovich, a month earlier.

Yanukovich was well-disposed to Russia, which did not suit the USA. It wanted someone running the Ukraine who would do as the USA directed.


And if it had to look the other way as hard-core fascists joined in the Ukrainian Revolution, well…so be it. It’s not like the unwashed would know, or even care about what was going on there. Just as long as everyone understood Russia was bad, that’s all that mattered.


One thing very quickly led to another, and the Donbas region, predominantly populated by Russians, who woke up one morning after the US-funded and orchestrated coup, to be told their language was no longer to be used in the Ukraine, rose up.


To the Ukraine (and its sponsors), Russia was now the enemy, and European integration was imminent, as was NATO membership. The Ukrainian military went in to bomb the shit out of the Donbas.


The Donbas took up arms, and suddenly, Russia saw the red-line it had drawn for the US many years prior, ie. The promise of Ukrainian membership in NATO was being discussed, and Russians were fighting Ukrainians in the Donbas.


More than 13,000 people have died there in the eight years that brutal conflict has been raging. Some 3300 civilians, 4600 Ukrainian soldiers, and about 5700 Separatists.


Those mainly Russian civilians probably died every bit as heroically as the Ukrainians who are defending their homes might yet die.


Now please consider that Russian red-line like this. Maybe in the light of the famous Monroe Doctrine which the USA cloaks itself with.


You can read it for yourself here…


The essence of it is that the USA runs the western hemisphere and it will brook no interference in that at all ever ever ever.


So what do you think would happen if a country, say China, made an alliance with Mexico, and started building military bases just south of the US border?


That’s right. It would not even get to that point. The US would go full nuclear on China the second after an alliance like that was even discussed.


This is because the US views Mexico to be within its sphere of influence, and to have Chinese military bases on its soil would be an existential threat to the USA. Fuck what Mexico might want. Fuck self-determination if it impacts on the USA.


This is exactly how Russia views the Ukraine. It is the red line for Russia. It’s stated that over and over. And it was ignored. And here we are today.


Unprovoked? Not even remotely.


Putin is actually Hitler and he’s insane, and he’s bent on creating a Greater Russia and reviving the Soviet union.


Well, anyone who’s read any history or isn’t functionally retarded, will understand there is no equivalence between Vlad and Adolf. It’s just nonsense.


If you watch just one thing on this crisis, please let it be John Mearsheimer’s magnificent 2015 lecture which presaged all of this.

Professor Mearsheimer quite accurately points out that Putin might do the Greater Russia thing if he could, but he can’t. He just can’t. This is not a swamp Putin wants to jump into, or ever would. The good professor observes that if you wanted to destroy Russia, then you would actively encourage it to seize the Ukraine. You seen the size of that place? Putin is far too smart to do that. He is also a superb strategic thinker. So he doesn’t want to take the Ukraine. He wants to wreck it so the west cannot have it. And that is not insane. That’s a power-play of a smart and dangerous man – a man who will go to any lengths to protect himself and his country from what he sees and understands, as do many Russians, is US hegemony.

Russia is specifically targeting civilians.


If this was remotely the case, there would be tens of thousands of bodies piled up in the streets. There aren’t. Even the vastly inflated Ukrainian casualty numbers don’t speak to that.


From the very start, the Russian army has been exclusively targeting Ukrainian military assets and infrastructure. Putin understands a massive civilian body-count is not going to play well, nor does he want to inflict that on the Ukrainian people.


Does the odd missile go astray? Of course it does. War is not a precise science. Those alleged “civilian buildings” you see being blown up? Who told you they were civilian? The Ukrainian government? Of course it did. You understand why it would do that. It needs western sympathy just like the Bosnian Muslims needed it during the Balkan wars – and those bastards took it to the next level by shooting and blowing up their own people and blaming it on the Serbs – which the UN only later told us all about.


Russia could level every town and city in the Ukraine if it wanted to. It clearly does not want to do that. And it’s not doing that. Yes, I know you’re being told that’s what is happening. But it’s not. Putin said he was going to “de-militarise” the Ukraine. Killing tens of thousands of innocent people and levelling cities is not how that’s going to happen.


Of course, the Ukrainians are not stupid either. They know if they place weapons among the high-rise apartment blocks, and beside hospitals and schools, it will be difficult for Russia to target them. So that’s what they’re doing. All the military bases are gone. All the airfields are gone. They went in the first 24 hours. All the Ukrainian military can do is what it’s doing. Moving and hiding their remaining weapons in the civilian areas. It’s how urban warfare is waged.


Which brings me to this whole idea Zelensky had of arming the population. On the surface, a wonderfully romantic idea. I’m sure we’d all grab guns to defend Australia in a sec. Except we wouldn’t. Not all of us. Some of us are just not cut out for fighting a war. In fact, most of us aren’t.


And do these civilians with guns now become armed combatants? If so, the Russians can shoot them down like dogs, can’t they? Does this then increase the civilian body count that will be fed to the media as evidence of Russian war crimes? I think so. That’s what I would do.


The fact Zelensky made a decree prohibiting all fighting-aged males from leaving the Ukraine is telling, don’t you think?


Why would a leader do that? If you want to stay and fight, stay and fight. If you don’t, then piss off to safety as fast as you can. Compelling people who don’t want to be there to take up arms and fight is just wrong.


And let’s not even waste too much time on all those “brave Ukrainians” making thousands of Molotov cocktails to heave at the Russians.


The fuck is wrong with you people? I mean, it plays wonderfully on the TV – all that patriotic bravery. But how effective is that really going to be? Here’s a hint. Not at all. Firstly, for Molotovs to be effective against armour, they have to be heaved into tanks. Not onto tanks. This is not 1940. Those tanks (or APCs, or whatever) have to be in narrow streets with high buildings. Standing in front or beside an armoured military vehicle and heaving a Molotov at it is not very effective.


These Molotov attacks may come into play if the Russians actually occupy the cities, in terms of guerrilla attacks and so on, but as a defensive thing, not so much. Looks good, but, doesn’t it?


Russia’s advance has stalled thanks to the brave and heroic resistance of the Ukrainian forces.


You’re also told Putin did not expect the Ukrainians to resist as hard as they’re resisting. Well, yes, he did. This has been planned and war-gamed for months.


If you think the Russian advance has stalled, you seriously don’t know much about war and how it is conducted. In a week, the Russians have seized vast areas, tied down a huge portion of Ukrainian troops in the Donbas, encircled the two major cities (Kiev and Kharkov), and have taken the strategically crucial Kherson and Mariupol.


The Ukraine is vast. The movement of armour and artillery is not a fast process. And the smart money says Putin and his generals have calculated very carefully how this is going to go – and it looks very much like it’s going to plan, with the odd small setback.


You’ll recall the US advance into Iraq was no cakewalk either. And they had more troops and more equipment than the Russians do.


Russia is suffering catastrophic losses, its soldiers are crying and wanting to go home, and they didn’t know they were going into the Ukraine.


Well, no. Have they had losses? Yes. Have they been catastrophic? No. If they were catastrophic, they would have left. They are advancing. Not retreating.


The Russian soldiers in the Ukraine are almost exclusively professional war-fighters, not the frightened teary conscripts you’re being told about.


Do you honestly believe Putin would set about this task with amateurs? Come on. Did they know they were going into the Ukraine?


Oh I think so. They, the lowliest soldiers, may not have known precisely where in the Ukraine, but they knew they were going to war in the Ukraine, and that it was no longer an exercise, some time before the rest of us did.


Russia’s attack on the Ukraine is an attack on Europe, democracy, freedom, children, puppies, butterflies, and rainbows.


That’s the thing, isn’t it. You have to believe this is an attack on civilisation itself. It is, of course, nothing of the kind. It’s an attack on the Ukraine. Not Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, England, Germany, or the USA. If it was, it would be WWIII. NATO knows this and Russia knows this.


And that’s not what this is, as much as the media, and the EU would have you think so.


That is why NATO will do exactly fuck nothing except posture and move soldiers into countries closer to Russia – but not in any meaningful number. It has to be seen to be doing something, doesn’t it? So it does this – which is not anything, but it looks like something.


And don’t for one minute think the Ukraine is some kind of western, pluralistic democracy like we are. Zelensky is every bit as autocratic as Putin. The difference is that he does it with the USA’s full support and knowledge. Do a bit of research, if you like.



Do I support what Putin is doing?


Morally, no. How can anyone support such a thing?


War is a the most terrible thing there is – except maybe provoking one which could have easily been avoided.


But I understand why Putin is doing it.


I hope some of you do too.

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